Spanish 1B Absent Work

Greetings Vocab


Sept. 4 through 21

Daily Journal

student work sept 21

Do Now sept 24

Study Guide Span 1B 2018

Do Now Oct 2 2018

clothing copy 2

Clothing Dolls

Clothing copy 1

New Journal 8th grade

Las Asignaturas subjects

Time worksheet subwork

Chart Foods


Las Comidas, Frutas y Bebidas

AB Spanish 1A, Stem-Changing VerbsA

B Spanish 1A, Gustar

AB Spanish 1A Numbers 1-100


Journal for Sra. Alvarado

AB Spanish 1A, Colors, Clothing, and Adjective Agreement

Broadnax Warm up Journals 8th grade

AB Skit and rubric culminating act

Guatemala questions

Peru Machu Picchu

Peru Questions Quiz